Thursday, May 26, 2011

Warner Archive Memorial Day Sale

Just a heads up for my fellow classic film fans that the Warner Archive is having a 3-for-2 Memorial Day Sale.

The sale includes free shipping. It runs through May 31st.

The very newest releases, including remastered prints of TOWARD THE UNKNOWN (1956), UNTIL THEY SAIL (1957), and THE HONEYMOON MACHINE (1961), are not yet on sale, but there's a huge list to choose from, including many remastered titles.

I plan to get Myrna Loy and Don Ameche in SO GOES MY LOVE (1946), which I've never seen, and am choosing from among remastered titles to fill out my order.

THE TWO MRS. CARROLLS (1947), I LOVE MELVIN (1953), ROSE MARIE (1954), and BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT (1956) are new Archive remastered prints near the top of my wish list.

I LOVE MELVIN and ROSE MARIE even have deleted musical numbers. I'm extremely happy that the Archive is now providing "value added" in the form of remastered prints and extras along with making so many titles available to fans of classic films.


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