Monday, August 01, 2011

Fox Movie Channel in August: Highlights

Here's a preview of some of the classic films showing on Fox Movie Channel this month!

Regular viewers know that Fox typically shows films multiple times over several weeks, and over the last couple of months the schedule has struck me as particularly repetitive, continuing to recycle previously shown titles without introducing many new films to the rotation.

Viewers may wish to check my April, May, June and July posts for additional titles which may be of interest, and then search the Fox Movie Channel website to see if those films are showing this month. There's a very good chance that anything shown in recent months will also be available on the channel in August.

That said, here's a listing of a few of this month's most interesting titles. I've only listed one air date per film; check the schedule for alternate air dates.

...August 3rd is LET'S MAKE IT LEGAL (1951), a "divorce comedy" with Claudette Colbert, Macdonald Carey, Zachary Scott, and a young Robert Wagner, plus Marilyn Monroe in a bit part. Incidentally, this film is also available on Netflix Watch Instantly.

...On August 4th there's a Cesar Romero Cisco Kid film, THE GAY CABALLERO (1940), also featuring a young Robert Sterling.

...Elia Kazan's PINKY (1949) received three acting nominations, for Jeanne Crain (Best Actress), Ethel Barrymore (Supporting Actress), and Ethel Waters (Supporting Actress). It also stars William Lundigan. The air date is August 6th.

...There's lots of Shirley Temple on the channel this month, including OUR LITTLE GIRL (1935) and JUST AROUND THE CORNER (1938) on the 10th, STOWAWAY (1936) and SUSANNAH OF THE MOUNTIES (1939) on the 11th, and THE BLUE BIRD (1940) and REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM (1938) on the 12th.

...Rock Hudson and Jennifer Jones star in the 1957 version of A FAREWELL TO ARMS on August 10th.

...Richard Widmark's Oscar-nominated film debut in KISS OF DEATH (1947) airs August 15th. It also stars Victor Mature, Brian Donlevy, Coleen Gray, and Karl Malden. There's a trailer at IMDb, in which Walter Winchell says it was "written with a machine gun!" You can also hear Alfred Newman's great "Street Scene" theme in the trailer, which was used over and over again by 20th Century-Fox.

...THE BLACK ROSE (1950), a 13th Century costume drama starring Tyrone Power and Orson Welles, is on August 22nd. The color cinematography was by the great Jack Cardiff.

...James Mason stars as Rommel, THE DESERT FOX (1951), on August 23rd.

...Also on August 23rd: A TICKET TO TOMAHAWK (1950), a comedy starring Dan Dailey, Anne Baxter, and Rory Calhoun. I've never seen this one and will be recording it.

...THE ROBE (1953), a New Testament era epic starring Jean Simmons and Richard Burton, airs August 27th.

...Olivia de Havilland's Oscar-nominated performance in THE SNAKE PIT (1948) will be shown on August 31st.

Happy movie viewing in August!


Blogger Missy said...

Have you seen SNAKE PIT? It's a hard movie to watch, but does have one of my favorite movie conversations. I don't remember the exact lines, but a doctor is interviewing Olivia de Havilland to see if she should be admitted to the institution. She's giving these perfectly logical answers like when they ask her: "Do you hear voices?" And she says, "Of course I do, I'm talking to you aren't I!" ;-)


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