Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today at Disneyland: The MouseAdventure Zone

We spent a very enjoyable -- if exhausting! -- day today participating in our fourth MouseAdventure game at Disneyland, which this year had a Twilight Zone theme.

We felt today's game was the most difficult of the four times we've participated in MouseAdventure -- no chance at a repeat victory winning the Family Division this time around! We'll be curious to see how we rank when the points charts are available in a few days.

Regardless of our team ranking, it's a great way for our family to enjoy quality time together in one of our favorite places, and it's also fabulous exercise! We put in several hours today criss-crossing the park nonstop.

With this event we retired our team's Practically Perfect Mary Poppins theme and became Skippers in De Nile, with different quotes from the Jungle Cruise ride spiel on the back of each shirt.

We plan to return next spring for the next MouseAdventure event. We highly recommend that anyone who's considered playing give it a try next time around -- just remember that it usually sells out within a few hours!


Blogger Rayven Cure said...

I felt like this game was one of the easier ones. the only blunder I made personally was counting the "crest" keys twice. I should read better next time. The one that we had trouble with was the pictures in order, especially the train. We always have fun though even when we know we won't win. See you guys next Spring, I think my legs will forgive me by then. ~ " Rayven" from "Team Nightmare on Main Street"

6:39 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for your comment, Rayven! Glad you had fun too. I think the only thing we found easier this time was the trivia. :) A couple of the quests we solved the question but then just couldn't get the answer right (that camera shop owner was hard, since it could have been anywhere in the entire park!). But as you say, it's always a great time and there are always fun memories made.

My legs are definitely a little sore today, LOL. See you in the spring!

Best wishes,

6:43 PM  

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