Sunday, November 27, 2011

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the Internet...

...Don't miss the great photo spread on SECOND CHANCE (1953), a 3D film starring Robert Mitchum, Linda Darnell, and Jack Palance, at Greenbriar Picture Shows.

...Dear Old Hollywood takes a close look at the Los Angeles locations for HOLLOW TRIUMPH (1948), which starred Paul Henreid and Joan Bennett. I always find Robby's location posts fascinating. This film can be seen on Netflix Watch Instantly under the title THE SCAR.

...The L.A. Times ran a wonderful story on Thanksgiving about the relationship of two USC Trojans, Louis Zamperini (age 95) and John Naber (age 55). Zamperini's story is told in Laura Hillenbrand's book UNBROKEN.

...Speaking of Trojans, USC fans are feeling happy today about the Trojans' 50-0 shutout over UCLA yesterday. :)

...Here's two articles on the transition from film to digital screenings: "Film Technology Advances, Inspiring a Sense of Loss," which appeared in the New York Times, and "Sweet Emulsion: Why the (Near) Death of Film Matters," posted at A.V. Club.

...Continuing the theme of the above stories, I appreciated Vince of Carole & Co. using my review of last weekend's digital screening of MANHATTAN MELODRAMA (1934) to help call attention to the New Beverly's petition to movie studios to be allowed to continue to screen films in 35mm. The petition is closing in on 5,000 signatures; if you haven't already signed it and love classic films, please consider adding your name.

...And from the L.A. Times, another article looking at film history, "L.A. Movie Palaces Still Matter to Film Industry." A number of decades-old movie theaters in Los Angeles are regularly used for filming.

...There seems to be a theme of "changing times" in today's links. Here's one more story from the Los Angeles Times, on the future of greeting cards in an era of email. Personally, I love to send greeting cards and other "real mail."

...Good news: Looks like the Andy Hardy films will finally be coming to DVD thanks to the Warner Archive. No word yet on the release date.

...The post office is raising prices once again in January. Sigh.

...That's odd: No mention of God in the President's Thanksgiving address? After all, who are we thanking?

...Matthew of Movietone News has been enjoying the Falcon films -- I've enjoyed the first two films myself this month! He provides an excellent biographical sketch of George Sanders.

...Jim Lane's Cinedrome has a wonderful entry on a Christmas film I just discovered a few years ago, REMEMBER THE NIGHT (1940), starring Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck.

...Robby's soliciting readers' favorite Christmas films at Dear Old Hollywood. REMEMBER THE NIGHT is a great title to try!

...And Caftan Woman has been sharing thoughts on one of my favorite topics, Christmas music. Love that Singers Unlimited album she mentions!

...Attention Southern Californians: The Aero Theatre in Santa Monica will be hosting a rare screening of the film noir CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY (1944) on December 2nd. The movie stars Gene Kelly and Deanna Durbin in what was an atypical film for each of them.

Have a great week!


Blogger Tom said...

Great to hear about Christmas Holiday; coincides nicely with Deanna's 90th birthday (Dec 4).

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