Sunday, July 08, 2012

Quick Preview of TCM in September

The online preview of the September schedule was posted this week at the Turner Classic Movies website.

Lauren Bacall is the September Star of the Month. Over a dozen Bacall films will be shown in September, along with multiple documentaries on both Bacall and her husband Humphrey Bogart.

My favorite Bacall film showing this fall is probably Douglas Sirk's WRITTEN ON THE WIND (1956), a colorful soap opera which received multiple Oscar nominations, including a Supporting Actress win for Dorothy Malone.

September has a number of interesting titles for those like myself who enjoy exploring films "off the beaten path." For instance, there's CRIMINAL COURT (1946), a "B" movie starring Tom Conway and Martha O'Driscoll, directed by Robert Wise. A few months ago I enjoyed another Wise "B" movie of the '40s, MYSTERY IN MEXICO (1948).

A couple more interesting RKO "B" titles: MAID'S NIGHT OUT (1938), starring a young Joan Fontaine, and YOUTH RUNS WILD (1944), starring Bonita Granville and directed by Mark Robson.

I enjoyed Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Margaret Lockwood teamed in RULERS OF THE SEA (1939) and was delighted to learn they made an earlier film together, MAN OF THE MOMENT (1935), which is on the September schedule. Laura LaPlante also stars.

Perhaps most interesting of all is a day-long birthday tribute honoring Edmond O'Brien. I'm looking forward to checking out PARACHUTE BATTALION (1942), with a cast also including Nancy Kelly, Robert Preston, Harry Carey Sr., and Paul Kelly. O'Brien is teamed with Audrey Totter, Helen Westcott, and Mona Freeman in other films airing that day.

There will be lots to enjoy on TCM once summer comes to a close, and I'll have a closer look at the September schedule around the 1st of that month. In the meantime, it's currently Leslie Howard month, and Summer Under the Stars comes to TCM this August.

Update: TCM in September: Highlights and TCM Star of the Month: Lauren Bacall.


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