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Fox Movie Channel in February: Highlights

I took the last three months off from sharing Fox Movie Channel Highlights because the schedules had become incredibly redundant. Happily the February schedule on Fox Movie Channel is the most interesting schedule in a very long while.

Here are a few highlights:

...I'm very fond of ON THE AVENUE (1937) starring Dick Powell, Madeleine Carroll, and Alice Faye. This is the movie which gave the world "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm." The movie is on February 2nd.

...Also on the 2nd: NOB HILL (1945) with Joan Bennett, George Raft, and Vivian Blaine.

...On February 3rd, MY LUCKY STAR (1938) stars Sonja Henie, Richard Greene, and Cesar Romero.

...CRY OF THE CITY (1948) is an excellent film noir starring Victor Mature, whose centennial was this past week, along with Richard Conte and Debra Paget. It will be shown February 4th. Definitely worth recording and/or watching.

...February 7th there's the screwball comedy LOVE IS NEWS (1937) starring Tyrone Power, Loretta Young, and Don Ameche. This is one of five films costarring Power and Young; Loretta also made other films with Don Ameche, notably RAMONA (1936) and THE STORY OF ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL (1939). As I wrote in my review, "LOVE IS NEWS immediately tosses the viewer into the unique world of '30s screwball comedy, filled with rascally reporters, perenially apoplectic newspaper editors, and giddy heiresses."

...There are several other romantic comedies airing on the 7th, including Gene Tierney and Henry Fonda in RINGS ON HER FINGERS (1942) and Anne Francis and William Lundigan in ELOPEMENT (1951).

...The very fine CLAUDIA (1943), the story of a young bride finally maturing, airs on February 8th. Dorothy McGuire plays the title role, with Robert Young outstanding as her doting husband.

...To my knowledge, Fox Movie Channel showed MOTHER DIDN'T TELL ME (1950) one time in 2010 and hasn't shown it since. Truth to tell, this film is rather annoying, despite appealing lead actors in William Lundigan and Dorothy McGuire, but the movie's problems also make it strangely interesting. Moira wrote a diverting review at the Skeins. The movie airs February 8th.

...Jean Gabin, Ida Lupino and Claude Rains star in MOONTIDE (1942) on Saturday, February 9th. There are a few more good noir titles that day including one of my very favorites, FALLEN ANGEL (1945), followed by another all-time favorite, LAURA (1944).

...YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME (1948) returns on February 11th; it's a partial remake of ORCHESTRA WIVES (1942), starring Jeanne Crain and Dan Dailey. It's followed by the very good THE PRESIDENT'S LADY (1953), starring Charlton Heston and Susan Hayward as Andrew and Rachel Jackson.

...On February 12th, Henry Fonda is THE MAGNIFICENT DOPE (1942) opposite Lynn Bari and Don Ameche.

...Shirley Temple stars in BRIGHT EYES (1934) on Valentine's Day.

...Betty Grable is, what else, a PIN-UP GIRL (1944) on February 17th.

...On February 19th there's the excellent romantic comedy CAFE METROPOLE (1937), starring Tyrone Power and Loretta Young.

...There's even more Tyrone Power on February 21st: THE BLACK ROSE (1950) and UNTAMED (1955). THE BLACK ROSE is one of two films Power made with Orson Welles, the other being PRINCE OF FOXES (1949). UNTAMED reunited him with Susan Hayward, his costar in RAWHIDE (1951).

...SEA WIFE (1957), about a group of castaways, sounds intriguing; the actors include Richard Burton and Joan Collins...playing a nun. I kid you not. It's on February 22nd.

Some of these films are shown more than once, and there are additional titles from the classic film era not mentioned here. It's a welcome change after the last few months, and hopefully we'll see another good schedule in March!

For more February viewing, please visit TCM in February: 31 Days of Oscar Highlights.


Blogger The Lady Eve said...

This IS a refreshing Fox schedule for a change. I'm looking forward to seeing "Cry of the City" and "Sea Wife" for the first time, to seeing "Moontide" and "Fallen Angel" again - not to mention four Ty Power films. Big fan of "Love is News" and "Cafe Metropole," haven't seen "The Black Rose" in years and haven't seen "Untamed" at all. Bravo, Fox, and thanks for the update, Laura!

12:00 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I'm glad I could pass on some good news about FMC this month, Eve! It's an especially good month for Power fans. :)

Best wishes,

12:21 AM  
Blogger Blake Lucas said...

And speaking of Tyrone Power, I especially appreciated your calling attention to the schedule (which had become so predictable that there have been recent months I haven't even looked at it) because of "Untamed." I linked to another version of the schedule which shows the format they are shown films in and found that "Untamed" is tagged WS which mean it will be letterboxed. I didn't see this CinemaScope film when it was released and don't believe it has played this way before, so this is a godsend. I've wanted to see it again but wouldn't watch pan and scan so this is a must for me.

"Untamed" is an excellent romantic adventure movie and directed by the great Henry King (who had launched Power in "Lloyds of London" and directed him many times) and along with Power and the always wonderful Susan Hayward it also stars Richard Egan, who has a very good role here, so for those who like him, as I do, another reason to watch it.

Again, this is mainly to point out that it hasn't been around in the right format and absorbing movie too, so is highly recommended. And this also shows Fox Channel can still do good things with their library on that channel so maybe we shouldn't give up on it yet.

12:04 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Blake, I've never seen UNTAMED and am very glad to hear word is it's being shown letterboxed. I know Fox has shown UNTAMED pan and scan in the past, *but* over time they have upgraded some prints shown; for instance, they switched from showing BLACK WIDOW in pan and scan to later showing it letterboxed. I will be crossing my fingers your source with the WS tag is correct!

I've become quite a fan of Henry King and am glad you pointed out that he's the director. I'm very intrigued, especially as I enjoyed Power and Hayward so much in RAWHIDE.

It's been great to see Fox suddenly show such a variety of films from the classic era, so I hope this bodes well for the coming months, after a long dry spell when it seemed as though perhaps Fox was just biding its time and had given up on the channel.

Best wishes,

2:20 PM  

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