Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quick Preview of TCM in January

The tentative schedule for Turner Classic Movies in January is already available!

The January Star of the Month is Joan Crawford. Over five dozen Crawford movies will be shown in a series of 24-hour marathons starting each Thursday evening and running until the following Friday night.

According to records posted years ago on the TCM message boards, this is the perenially popular Crawford's third time as Star of the Month, though it's been over a decade since her last turn; Crawford was also the Star of the Month in August 1998 and August 2002.

Now if only TCM could show Crawford in LETTY LYNTON (1932)...

There will be a brand-new PRIVATE SCREENINGS in January. In an interesting twist on the usual format, Alec Baldwin will be interviewing Robert Osborne about his life and career.

I'm also delighted to see that Dane Clark will receive a six-film primetime tribute which will include the rarely shown EMBRACEABLE YOU (1948), a very special film in which Clark gives a tremendously touching performance. That movie made me a real Clark fan.

The Friday Night Spotlight focuses on scientists, inventors, and explorers, real and fictional.

There will also be tributes to Elvis Presley, Anita Louise, Fatty Arbuckle, Kay Francis, Margaret O'Brien, Ernst Lubitsch, and Jane Withers, and there are a whole lot of pre-Codes on the schedule too! There's at least one great-looking day of Westerns, a Philo Vance marathon, and many more interesting titles coming on the January schedule, guaranteeing a Happy New Year on TCM.

The current Star of the Month is Vincent Price, and he'll be followed by Burt Lancaster in November and Fred Astaire in December.

I'll have more to share on the January schedule sometime around New Year's Eve!

Update: Please visit TCM in January: Highlights and TCM Star of the Month: Joan Crawford.


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