Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Best wishes for a very happy Valentine's Day!

Here's lovely Lynn Merrick celebrating the holiday in a studio publicity still.

Merrick was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on November 19, 1919. Initially billed as Marilyn Merrick, she appeared in over 40 films throughout the '40s, mostly at Republic and Columbia.

She was the leading lady in many "B" Westerns and towards the end of her career she was the leading lady in two films in the Boston Blackie series, BOSTON BLACKIE BOOKED ON SUSPICION (1944) (reviewed by me here) and A CLOSE CALL FOR BOSTON BLACKIE (1946).

She was also the leading lady in VOICE OF THE WHISTLER (1945), opposite Richard Dix, and starred in minor films such as A GUY, A GAL AND A PAL (1945) with future producer Ross Hunter and THE BLONDE FROM BROOKLYN (1945) with Dick Haymes' brother Bob (billed as Robert Stanton).

She left films after I LOVE TROUBLE (1948), returning for one more film in 1955.

Merrick's first husband was actor Conrad Nagel; after they divorced she married again, but that marriage also came to an end.

Lynn Merrick passed on March 25, 2007, in West Palm Beach, Florida. The Los Angeles Times published a nice obituary which included a quote from Western movie historian Boyd Magers.

Previous Valentine's Day Tributes: Dorothy Hart (2015) and Anne Gwynne (2014).


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