Saturday, March 05, 2016

Quick Preview of TCM in June

The Turner Classic Movies schedule for June has been posted online!

The Star of the Month is Marie Dressler -- which means there are many pre-Codes on the schedule. Dressler sadly passed on in July 1934, the same month Production Code enforcement began.

Additionally, TCM has a wonderful "Spotlight" series in June, "Stage to Screen," featuring dramas adapted from plays on Wednesdays and Broadway-inspired musicals every Thursday. The musical lineups are especially terrific.

And if that weren't enough, every Friday night is devoted to director Billy Wilder!

I'm also excited about a two-film primetime tribute to Deanna Durbin on Sunday, June 26th, featuring NICE GIRL? (1941) with Franchot Tone and I'LL BE YOURS (1947) with Tom Drake, seen here at the upper left. (I'LL BE YOURS is one of just three Durbin films I've not yet seen.) Deanna's THREE SMART GIRLS (1936) is on in May; it's great to see more of her films being shown on the network. (May 2016 Update: The pair of Deanna Durbin movies are not on the final schedule in TCM's Now Playing guide.) (August 2016 Update: This pair of Durbin titles are now scheduled to be shown on TCM on November 20, 2016.)

I'm also very pleased that one of Robert Osborne's "picks" is a favorite Betty Grable-Victor Mature film, SONG OF THE ISLANDS (1942). It's wonderful to see more films from both Universal and 20th Century-Fox airing on TCM.

Treasures From the Disney Vault will return to TCM in late March, featuring THE PARENT TRAP (1961) and the documentary WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY (2009), which I enjoyed seeing on the Disney lot a few years ago. Among the other goodies airing that night is the cartoon classic DONALD IN MATHMAGIC LAND (1959).

June will feature multi-film tributes to Basil Rathbone, Warner Oland, Errol Flynn, Jane Russell, James Cagney, and Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.

June themes include Father's Day, Jane Austen, photographers, biographies, and con artists, plus a day of the MEXICAN SPITFIRE series starring Lupe Velez.

I'll have a more detailed look at the June schedule around Memorial Day weekend!

In the meantime, Merle Oberon is the March Star of the Month, with Judy Garland on tap for April and Robert Ryan in May.

Lots of great things ahead on TCM!

Update: For more on TCM in June 2016, please visit TCM in June: Highlights.


Blogger Blake Lucas said...

Taking a quick look through, I observe that the Treasures from the Disney Vault night is an especially good one.

I'm referring especially to three of the cartoons that are Disney masterpieces--"Clock Cleaners" is one of those Mickey, Donald and Goofy gems, "Thru the Mirror" (Mickey) is inspired and imaginative, and "The Band Concert" is a magnificent Mickey cartoon that effectively introduced Donald. Any Disney fan who hasn't seen these should not pass up the opportunity.

As for "The Parent Trap" it's easily in the top tier of Disney live-action features--I can't really think of one that's better. I've liked this since its 1961 release (and saw the remake, not exactly offensive but certainly needless) and still do. I'm guessing just about everyone here knows this one though.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for your comments, Blake!

I very much agree, these are great cartoons. I don't believe I've seen THRU THE MIRROR yet but I love CLOCK CLEANERS and THE BAND CONCERT.

And I rate THE PARENT TRAP as my favorite Disney live-action film right after MARY POPPINS! :)

I hope many viewers will enjoy this great night ahead from TCM and Disney next June.

Best wishes,

6:12 PM  

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