Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Today at Disneyland: Thanksgiving Eve 2016

Spending some time at Disneyland on Thanksgiving Eve is one of our family's cherished traditions, and today was no different from years past!

As always, Disneyland was decked out in its holiday finest:

The Storybook Land Canal cottages are decorated with miniature wreaths and poinsettias:

This is the 20th anniversary of It's a Small World Holiday. In a fun touch, this year there are small "20's" hidden in various scenes to celebrate.

The Jingle Cruise, now in its fourth year, has become another popular Disneyland tradition:

Alas, another tradition went by the wayside when Court des Anges in New Orleans Square was hidden away behind these Club 33 doors. Countless families, including ours, once took Christmas photos on the steps behind that door. Perhaps one day the courtyard will open to the public again...we can hope.

Just a bit of the festive New Orleans Square decorations:

Love the delightful colors and design on this year's Christmas travel mug!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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