Saturday, December 15, 2018

TCM Remembers 2018

Turner Classic Movies has released TCM Remembers, its annual tribute to filmmakers who have passed on in the last year.

TCM Remembers may be watched via TCM's Twitter account or on the TCM website.

TCM always does a very good job, and I was glad to see some lesser-known names like Meg Randall included.

I did note the absence of a few people, including Jean Porter Dmytryk, who died last January and who not only had a bigger career than Randall, she was also married to a prominent director, Edward Dmytryk. I was also a little surprised by the omission of Allyn Ann McLerie of CALAMITY JANE (1953).

It was especially surprising that Mary Carlisle wasn't included, as TCM recently honored her with a memorial tribute night; she passed away in August at the age of 104.

This year I found myself most moved by the tribute to Heather Menzies Urich of THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965), who died on Christmas Eve in 2017.

It was also especially touching to see Peggy Cummins and Patricia Morison listed, as I was fortunate to see each of them in person (click their names for the links describing those events).

December 20th Update: TCM has updated their video with a new version which adds actress-director Penny Marshall and also includes Mary Carlisle. Thanks to Erica for the info that Mary was added!

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