Sunday, December 15, 2019

TCM Remembers 2019

The annual TCM Remembers video has been released this weekend by Turner Classic Movies.

The video may be seen on Twitter or YouTube, or simply click the embedded video link below:

I was quite surprised to learn from the video of the passing of Dianne Foster. The only obituary I could find online after watching the video was at Boot Hill. (Update: That blog has since been deleted.)

As I've shared here in the past, her son is a local oral surgeon who has treated all of our children. After I made the connection thanks to some reading, my husband had the opportunity a couple of years ago to chat with him and confirm the relationship. Her son said she still received fan mail!

I was happy to see the inclusion of actresses like Julie Adams, Peggy Stewart, Fay McKenzie, and Allene Roberts, while I was puzzled by the omission of Nancy Gates. Perhaps they will add her this week, as I suspect they may update the video to also include Anna Karina, who just passed on at 79. (December 29th Update: I'm informed that there is now a new version of TCM Remembers airing on TCM which includes both Nancy Gates and Anna Karina. Thanks to TCM for updating the video!)

It was especially wonderful to see that Rudy Behlmer, Ron Hutchinson, and Bob Dorian were honored in this video. They each did so much to preserve film history and share the love of classic movies! And the ending with Stanley Donen and Doris Day was perfect.

Great thanks to TCM for always doing such a thoughtful and moving job with these annual tributes.

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Blogger Bill said...

So much better and respectful than the Academy usually is. Thanks for sharing this. I knew almost all of them from their work.

12:11 AM  
Blogger Lee R said...

TCM does do a great job at this, the music and the touching scenes, very nice. I was really surprised though when I saw cute little Amy from Dark Shadows pop up in the parade of the dead. Her name Denise Dickerson, I had no idea she had died, what's worse she & I were the same age! Looked her up and saw that in her later years she looked nothing at all like she did when she was a kid. She got very skinny and very wrinkled and looked like she was 85. I still look just like I did 40 years ago. (Kidding, but I don't look like I'm 80 either.)

4:48 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I agree, Bill, TCM always does a better job. I have stopped watching the Academy obituary reel due to too many mistakes and exclusions.

Lee, I'm glad you enjoyed the chance to see it too. It's definitely surprising to see an unexpected name turn up in this video.

Best wishes,

9:08 AM  

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