Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Photos From the Road: Utah Restaurants

Earlier this month I shared some of the Arizona restaurants we enjoyed during our May road trip. Here's a companion post on restaurants we visited in Utah during the same trip.

We were briefly in Kanab, Utah, where we visited a location from the film WESTWARD THE WOMEN (1951), along with a stop by Parry Lodge, where classic film companies stayed while filming in the area. I wrote about our visit a few weeks ago for Classic Movie Hub.

We had lunch in Kanab at Houston's Trail's End. I'd class it "good but not great"; that said, it had nice local atmosphere, and the service was very friendly.

We quite enjoyed our dinner at Escobar's Mexican Restaurant. Again, we found the service very friendly.

We enjoyed a terrific breakfast at Thunderbird Restaurant in Mount Carmel Junction, Utah, near the Eastern entrance to Zion National Park. Entering the park from that direction took us through the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel.

The outside of the restaurant looks like a picture postcard from decades ago:

We stayed in Springdale, Utah, outside the park's south entrance. (I'll be sharing photos of Zion in a separate post.) The Zion Pizza & Noodle Co. in Springdale was interesting because it was built in a former church building.

We enjoyed a nice meal on the restaurant's back patio. These are just some quick snapshots, but they give a feel for the atmosphere. It was some of the better food we had in Springdale. As we've often found the case near national parks, most of the food in town was indifferent, serving a captive "one time only" clientele without putting in much effort.

The best meal in Springdale by far was at the Spotted Dog Cafe.

This was our view from the restaurant's front patio:

They really put some effort into the service and presenting a delicious meal with a touch of originality.

The patio was attractively landscaped, and between that and the views in the distance, it was a very nice experience. Another patio view.

The family-operated Main Street Cafe in Hurricane, Utah, is the kind of "locals" spot I love to discover when we're traveling.

We had a most enjoyable breakfast on their patio.

Thanks in part to restaurants taking advantage of scenic views, the vast majority of the meals we ate on our May trip were on patios, perfect for our current times.

Still to come: Photo posts on Zion National Park, Las Vegas, and the Bearizona Wildlife Park in Williams, Arizona, plus photos from the fascinating Sea Lion Caves in Florence, Oregon, which we visited earlier this month.


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