Sunday, November 20, 2005

Are Your CD's Spying On You?

Setting aside the issue of copy protection, I would be really upset if I discovered that a CD I'd played on my computer left behind spyware -- especially if I also learned that the spyware made me susceptible to hackers and viruses and I couldn't remove it without ruining my CD drive.

What was Sony thinking?!

Monday Update: The State of Texas has sued Sony under its anti-spyware law. Sony recalled the CDs in question last week.

Many thanks to Missy of Missyisms for forwarding me the lawsuit info.

More here from Newsweek: Sony Gets Caught With Slipped Discs. Apparently the spyware ran afoul of the Homeland Security Department.


Anonymous Missyisms said...

You wrote: "What was Sony thinking?!"

Easy: About themselves and their bottom line!

I want to know what CDs had this virus-leaking spyware so I can find out if it's on my computer! (My spyware program isn't complaining about it, so maybe I don't have it.)

7:04 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

I think Sony should make a list available.

Be interesting to see if this leads to any lawsuits -- Laura

8:01 AM  

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