Wednesday, February 21, 2007

For Disneyland Fans

Al Lutz of MiceAge always does a great job covering the latest behind-the-scenes park news, but this week's new update is particularly fascinating in its breadth and depth.

Al's latest article includes news and great photos on the forthcoming Finding Nemo Submarines and Midway Madness ride (the Mr. Potatohead barker sounds amazing); a possible update to the Peter Pan ride vehicles; Pirates additions to Tom Sawyer Island; changes coming to River Belle Terrace; and a forthcoming Mine Train Ride to circle the Grizzly River Rapids at DCA (can't wait!).

Given that our family has nicknamed DCA "Pixarland," it was amusing to learn that Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando is going to be renamed Disney-Pixar Studios.


Blogger Irene said...

That really was a good bit of information this time around. I am looking forward to the new submarine ride but Al brings up good points regarding ride capacity.

Different topic. Watched the 4th Deanna Durbin movie, It Started With Eve and now it's my favorite. Robert Cummings was the love interest and Charles Laughton played his father. Laughton was made up in such a way I did not recognize him at first. I finally tumbled to his voice and mannerisms. He steals the show in this one.

5:10 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks so much for the recommend! I am taking note for future viewing. :) These Durbin movies sound like a lot of fun.

Lots to look forward to at Disneyland! We are so lucky that John Lasseter takes such a deep interest in the park, especially since Matt Ouimet left. It sounds like Lasseter wants to care for the park the way Walt would have, and he has the political power to do what he wants.

Best wishes, Laura

11:35 PM  

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