Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New on DVD: Literary Classics Collection

A great-looking new boxed set was released today, the Literary Classics Collection.

I've only seen one of the titles, Gene Kelly's THE THREE MUSKETEERS.

The other films are both the Ronald Colman and Stewart Granger editions of THE PRISONER OF ZENDA, Gregory Peck in HORATIO HORNBLOWER, the great Robert Ryan in BILLY BUDD, and Jennifer Jones in MADAME BOVARY. I enjoy all these actors, and it will be a treat to see them in new-to-me movies.

The extras include trailers, cartoons and shorts, a commentary (on BILLY BUDD), and Lux Radio Theater productions.

The shorts include two of James Fitzpatrick's Traveltalks, LOOKING AT LONDON and LAND OF THE TAJ MAJAL. I am quite fond of this series; they can be a bit goofy (i.e., alligator wrestling in GLIMPSES OF FLORIDA) but they are usually visually striking, providing beautiful Technicolor tours of famous cities.

I'm looking forward to picking up this set soon.

Wednesday Update: A nice review can be found here.


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