Tuesday, June 05, 2007

McCain: "Not Going to Erect Fences and Barriers"

Well, there you have it, straight from Senator John McCain: further confirmation that the immigration bill is about amnesty, not border security.

The YouTube clip is linked above. (Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt.)

Power Line on McCain: "...he probably gave the game away, stating that America is a shining city and we're not going to build a fence around it. McCain thus confirmed the worst fear the Republican base has about him, that he doesn't really care about immigration enforcement."

Ed Morrissey: "...politically, it's suicide. He just reinforced the notion that he won't actually follow through on border security."

I suppose McCain agrees with Harry Reid that the illegal aliens crossing our borders are simply "undocumented Americans."


Blogger Dana said...

Surface-to-air anti-missile launchers on the rooftop; a retinue of highly trained and armed Secret Service agents with instructions to shoot intruders on sight; the most advanced electronic tracking devices known to Man including satellite surveillance; strict, highly enforced rules and regulations for the conduct of every visitor with immediate expulsion . . . apparently George W. Bush doesn't believe "America is a shining city and we're not going to build a fence around it." At least not when it comes to his taxpayer-supported government housing and his gold-plated toilet. Despair not, Republicans, the Bonester has something to cheer ya'll up and forget the phonies you always vote for!! Fashion advice!! Yep . . .

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8:15 AM  
Blogger Wolf Flywheel said...


Weren't you in a movie with Michael Keaton called 'The Dream Team'?

8:47 AM  
Blogger Dana said...


Your flywheel come loose again? Enough of this folderol, you get to bidding--but fast--on that Arnie Palmer XL polyester golf jacket! (Mind you, it's only 97% polyester but maybe you can extract the offending fibers and stitch from your Jack Nicklaus Collection flared trousers.)

10:54 AM  

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