Friday, November 30, 2007

Republicans Enjoy "Much Better" Mental Health

This news according to four Gallup polls.

The first bar chart alone, comparing Republicans to Democrats, is quite interesting.

Also of note is a chart on Page 2 which shows that the more frequently Republicans attend church, the better their mental health.

As it happened, today Rush Limbaugh had a phone call from a very angry liberal. Rush counseled her "I really wish you'd open your eyes. I really wish you happy, try to anyway. Try to realize the joys and the benefits, and just express some gratitude for the fact that you live in this country from wherever you came, instead of being so angry and upset all the time! It's got to be devastating to you. It's got to make your life ruinous, miserable, and unhappy..."

When I saw this news story, I immediately thought of the woman on that phone call.

The report is fun to peruse, for whatever it's worth...

Saturday Update: Thoughts from John Hinderaker at Power Line.


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