Friday, February 15, 2008

Today at Disneyland

The College Girl is home for the long weekend, so we went over to Disneyland this afternoon. It was quite crowded for the holiday weekend so we didn't stay long, but nonetheless we had a very nice time.

As usual, the flowers were spectacular. These tulips surround the statue of Walt and Mickey at the Hub:

Disneyland is celebrating Chinese New Year ("Year of the Mouse") with a photo area on Main Street where guests can pose for pictures with Mickey and Minnie, who are decked out in Chinese regalia:

The Disney Dream Suite above Pirates of the Caribbean, in the former Disney Gallery location:

There's a new line of Shag merchandise! While previous designs were in blue and then green, the predominant color in the new merchandise line is orange:

I hope to (finally) post some of the photos I recently took at the Walt Disney World parks later in the weekend.


Blogger Irene said...

I'll try leaving another comment. If I get a reject message again, I'll let you know.

I am not surprised it was crowded. A lot of schools had Friday as well as this coming Monday off. I only have Monday off.

Nice photos. I love the tulips and they did a nice job with the photo op for "Year of the Mouse".

I have that same cup only in lime green. I got it for only a couple of dollars at the Disney Character Warehouse in Fullerton :)

Also, nothing to do with Disneyland but I picked up the VHS tape of History is Made at Night from the library yesterday and hope of see it this weekend.

7:45 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

I really need to get to that Warehouse more often, Irene! You got a great deal.

The photo area with Mickey was a nice, creative "extra," wasn't it?

Hope you'll enjoy HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT. Have a relaxing long weekend!

Best wishes,

11:29 AM  

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