Monday, June 09, 2008

Failing Senate Restaurants Going Private

The Senate's restaurants are losing money at an alarming rate, and have only turned a profit in seven out of 44 years. And it is only now occurring to the Senators -- the people who spend your money and mine -- that going private is a good idea.

These people have to be the worst money managers in history, wasting taxpayers dollars on a failing venture for decades.

By contrast, the House restaurants are private and turn nice profits every year.

When we were in Washington half a decade ago, we ate lunch in a House restaurant, and to our surprise it was one of the tastiest and most affordable meals we ate on our trip. The cornbread was fabulous.


Blogger Dana said...

This is of course, unbelievable. Its always troubling when my views on an issue line up with Diane Feinstein's - its happens so rarely that its a bit of a jolt. But she has it right in this!

Favorite quote from Senator Menendez:

"You cannot stand on the Senate floor and condemn the privatization of workers, and then turn around and privatize the workers here in the Senate and leave them out on their own."

So rather than choosing to do right by the taxpayers, he would rather we keep paying into this sinking ship so he and his massive ego can attempt to keep his political philosophy in tact? Yeah, this politician really has the constituency's best interest at heart.

Are you kidding me.

Weren't you mention

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