Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama: Just Another Hypocritical, Dissembling Politician

So Senator Barack Obama claims that two of the men on his three-person V.P. search team aren't "working" for him because they aren't paid?

This is uncomfortably close to the meaning of "is."

Obama also says the ethical backgrounds of the people on the V.P. vetting team aren't important, because they're doing one "discrete" task and not working for the administration. He says he will not "vet the vetters."

Obama's minimalization of the importance of the people who are helping select the candidate who will be one heartbeat away from the Presidency is not exactly reassuring.

As is clear from reading the linked articles, Obama is one more hypocritical politician who plays semantic games.

Update: Has anyone else noticed that if Obama doesn't want to answer a question, then it's termed a "game," a "distraction," or -- in Michelle's case -- dismissed because it "doesn't help my kids"?

Wednesday Update: Further thoughts from Ed Morrissey and Michelle Malkin.


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