Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In Disney News...

...The spring-like view to the left is of the Disneyland Hub on a recent February day. (Click to enlarge.)

...There's lots of interesting Disneyland info in the new MiceAge update from Al Lutz.

One line that particularly caught my eye: "Part of the developing master plan for Disneyland, and something that is now quickly gaining support from the TDA team, includes a Disneyland Paris style arcade on the east side of Main Street USA."

I think this is a wonderful idea. The arcades in Paris serve the dual purpose of relieving congestion during parades and providing protection from inclement weather; weather is much more of a factor in Paris than Anaheim, but Anaheim has a greater need for alternate walkways than Paris. Many Disneyland veterans know how to create an "alternate exit path" by weaving through the backs of Main Street stores when the park is crowded, but an arcade would be much easier.

The Paris arcades are also visually attractive and provide interesting nooks and crannies to explore. Here's a photo of one:

...Thanks to the blogroll at Motion Picture Gems for introducing me to the Disneyland Daily Photo blog.

It contains some very nice photos and bits of trivia. Disneyland fans will want to check it out. I've added it to my Disney blogroll at the left.

...Speaking of Disneyland photos, the official Disney Parks blog has a great photo of the Sailing Ship Columbia on a dark, foggy morning.

I really enjoy the contributions of Disneyland's chief photographer to the official blog. Disney's doing a great job utilizing "new media" in this way.

...Disney recently surprised many when the company announced this year's animated film RAPUNZEL has been renamed TANGLED.

The buzz is that Disney thought a more generic title wouldn't be as likely to discourage boys from attending what they might perceive as a "princess" film.

TANGLED is due in theaters for Thanksgiving 2010.


Blogger Tom said...

"Tangled"? This is got to be a joke. Boys aren't going to want to see a movie called "Tangled" either.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I do think they could have come up with a better "generic" name if they were intent on doing that.

I think it's too bad that they were dissatisfied with RAPUNZEL, which is in the tradition of many other Disney titles -- often one word, like RAPUNZEL -- which contain the name of the lead character. This tradition goes back to the first full-length Disney film, SNOW WHITE, and on through PINOCCHIO, DUMBO, BAMBI, PETER PAN, SLEEPING BEAUTY, ALADDIN, MULAN, even Pixar films like RATATOUILLE and WALL-E, etc. etc.

Best wishes,

7:04 PM  
Blogger AmyR said...

Thank you so much for the mention of my Disneyland blog! It's good to know that people are out there looking at it, I have a lot of fun finding pictures. :)

9:47 PM  
Blogger J.C. Loophole said...

I agree, they should've stuck with the original title. Disney movies have, since Uncle Walt was around, been about character. What better way to emphasize who the movie is about, than name it after the character. Tangled almost seems like a Hoodwinked or some other company movie title- not a traditional Disney animated feature.
I'm not sure who they are fooling, cause one look at a poster or what it's about will steer several boys away anyway. That's OK. That's the way it is. And what's all of the sudden wrong with going after the girl demographic? I thought Disney was making heaps o' money aiming for girls and marketing their "Princess" line? Methinks there is something else going on here. Sometimes a change in title of a heavily publicized movie is one of those things that are an indication of something else going wrong with the film or Director.

6:38 AM  

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