Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DVR Alert: Bing, Baseball, and the 1960 World Series

Power Line tipped me off that tonight the Major League Baseball Network is broadcasting Bing Crosby's copy of the final game of the 1960 World Series.

I posted the story in October about this "lost" game being found recently in mint condition in Crosby's wine cellar. This game has not been seen by the public since the day it was actually played.

Bob Costas will also host a 30-minute special titled BING & BASEBALL in conjunction with the game being shown.

There's more at the MLB Funhouse.

Fans of Bing Crosby and baseball should have their DVRs humming tonight!

Evening Update: More baseball news: Pitching great Bob Feller has passed away at the age of 92.


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