Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coming to DVD: The Yellow Rose

This has been a day for good news: first, hearing that James Garner is publishing his autobiography later this year, and then tonight learning that the season-long show THE YELLOW ROSE is coming to DVD via Warner Archive.

Somehow I'd missed the news when it was published at TV Shows on DVD earlier this month, but I received the good word from Ivan at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear. The five-disc set will be released May 3rd.

Primetime soap operas were all the rage in the early '80s, and THE YELLOW ROSE, which ran from 1983 to 1984, was a melding of continuing storylines with the TV Western. It was about a ranching family with complicated relationships; Colleen Champion (Cybill Shepherd) is romantically torn between her late husband's sons from earlier relationships, Roy (David Soul) and Chance (Sam Elliott). (The illegitimate Chance showing up at the ranch seemed perhaps inspired by THE BIG VALLEY.) No question who I'd choose!

The supporting cast included Edward Albert, Noah Beery Jr., Ken Curtis, Chuck Connors, and Susan Anspach. (Check out Anspach's silly hairstyle in the photo to the right; yep, it was the '80s, all right!)

In 2009 the Western Writers of America named THE YELLOW ROSE as No. 30 on their list of the all-time best TV Westerns. I mentioned then I still had a few episodes on Beta tapes. Time to finally get rid of them...

This type of show seems perfect for Warner Archive, as a single-season show might be a hard sell for a regular retail release, but the series has fans like me who would love to revisit it.

Maybe there's eventually hope for the post-WWII series HOMEFRONT, which ran two seasons in 1991-1993. You'd think Kyle Chandler (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) being one of the stars might be a selling point...and John Slattery of MAD MEN was another cast member. Apparently Warner Bros. has the rights.

Hmmmmm...Warner Archive, are you reading this?!


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