Thursday, May 02, 2013

Fox Movie Channel in May: Highlights

The May Fox Movie Channel schedule is fairly repetitive this month, re-airing a number of titles which have been on in the last couple months, so just a few highlights this time around:

...Sonja Henie and Jack Oakie star in WINTERTIME (1943) on May 4th.

...Dan Dailey and Joanne Dru play the leads in THE PRIDE OF ST. LOUIS (1952), about pitcher Dizzy Dean, on May 5th.

...The docu-noir THE HOUSE ON 92ND STREET (1945) will be on May 13th. It stars Lloyd Nolan, William Eythe, and Signe Hasso.

...FIVE OF A KIND (1938) stars the Dionne Quintuplets. It airs May 14th.

...Otto Preminger's WHIRLPOOL (1949), starring Gene Tierney and Richard Conte, will be shown on May 16th.

...I try never to miss a chance to plug MARGIE (1946), starring Jeanne Crain, which airs on May 17th.

...The excellent WWII aircraft carrier film WING AND A PRAYER (1944) airs just before Memorial Day weekend, on May 23rd. It stars Dana Andrews, Don Ameche, and many more excellent actors.

For more titles airing on Fox Movie Channel in May, be sure to check out the complete online schedule.

For movies airing on Turner Classic Movies this month, please visit TCM in May: Highlights.


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