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TCM in May: Highlights

2013 is moving along quickly; here we are at May already! I'm just a bit later than usual with this post due to my recent attendance at the TCM Classic Film Festival.

Rather than a traditional Star of the Month, May features a "tough guys" theme, beginning on Tuesday, May 7th. I'll have more information about those films early next week.

It looks like there's another interesting month ahead on Turner Classic Movies. Here's a look at a handful of the most intriguing titles on TCM's May schedule:

...On Thursday, May 2nd, DOUBLE DANGER (1938) airs, starring Preston Foster and Whitney Bourne. This was one of my favorites when I watched several "B" movies directed by Lew Landers earlier this year.

...Check out the amazing "noir" cast of THE GANGSTER (1947), airing on May 4th: Barry Sullivan, the ice skater Belita (THE HUNTED), Joan Lorring (THREE STRANGERS), Harry Morgan, Sheldon Leonard, John Ireland, Virginia Christine, Elisha Cook Jr., Leif Erickson, and Charles McGraw. This is one I have to see!

...Jeff recently wrote about Stewart Granger and Cyd Charisse in THE WILD NORTH (1952) at The Stalking Moon. It's on May 6th, which is Granger's birthday.

...I reviewed SOUTH OF SUEZ (1940), starring George Brent and Brenda Marshall, last November. Worth checking out on May 7th, particularly for those who enjoy the leads.

...On May 8th, TCM is showing Dirk Bogarde and Marius Goring in NIGHT AMBUSH (1957), also known as ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT. This WWII adventure is based on a true story. It was directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.

...Ann Blyth and Farley Granger star in the adoption drama OUR VERY OWN (1950) on May 9th. This one aired on TV regularly when I was growing up; the timing of it airing on TCM is nice, as I just saw Ann Blyth in person at the TCM Festival, and I watched Farley Granger in THE LIVE BY NIGHT (1948) at the same festival.

...As a child I saw Joel McCrea in Preston Sturges' THE GREAT MOMENT (1944) at the Vagabond Theater in Los Angeles, and I thought it was a very strange movie. I'm curious to take a fresh look at it. It's got an unusual topic -- it's about a dentist who discovers anesthesia. The air date is May 10th.

...THE RECKLESS MOMENT (1949), airing early on May 12th, is a terrific "housewife noir" with Joan Bennett -- never better -- and James Mason. It was directed by Max Ophuls.

...COAST GUARD (1939), airing on May 13th, has been on my wish list for some time now. Randolph Scott and Frances Dee make this a must-see film for me.

...Also on the 13th, there's a Franchot Tone film I've never seen, THE GIRL DOWNSTAIRS (1938).

...May 15th is Joseph Cotten's birthday, and the 8 films on the schedule include the very interesting thriller THE MAN WITH A CLOAK (1951).

...Those who enjoy MGM's college-themed "B" films will want to catch SPRING MADNESS (1938) on May 17th. It was directed by S. Sylvan Simon, who directed many of MGM's "B" movies, and it stars Maureen O'Sullivan, Lew Ayres, Ruth Hussey, and more.

...There are more fun MGM "B" movies on the 17th, including John Carroll and Ruth Hussey in PIERRE OF THE PLAINS (1942), Walter Pidgeon and Maureen O'Sullivan in MY DEAR MISS ALDRICH (1937), and Robert Young and Maureen O'Sullivan in SPORTING BLOOD (1940). Maureen O'Sullivan was born on May 17, 1911. Fans of Audrey Totter will also want to record MISSION OVER KOREA (1953), which costarred O'Sullivan and John Hodiak.

...Joan Bennett and Henry Fonda star in I MET MY LOVE AGAIN (1938) on May 18th.

...TCM's annual celebration of Robert Montgomery's birthday on May 21st will feature five films, including one of my all-time favorite Montgomery movies, HIDE-OUT (1934).

...There are some interesting pre-Codes airing during the day on May 23rd, including Dorothy Mackaill in THE OFFICE WIFE (1930) and KEPT HUSBANDS (1931); the latter film costars Joel McCrea.

...Of particular note this month is an evening celebrating the films and shorts of Harold Lloyd on May 23rd. My father reviewed the schedule and let me know that a dozen of that evening's films are not available on DVD. Many of the films are TCM premieres. This is a "must" night for fans of Lloyd and for those who want to know more about him. The evening kicks off with the must-see SAFETY LAST! (1923).

...There are war films airing all Memorial Day weekend, starting with several submarine movies on Saturday morning, the 25th. Titles include Robert Montgomery in HELL BELOW (1933), Chester Morris in THUNDER AFLOAT (1939), Cary Grant in DESTINATION TOKYO (1944), Clark Gable in RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP (1958), and James Garner in UP PERISCOPE (1959).

...On May 30th, TCM is playing LIBELED LADY (1936) back to back with its remake, EASY TO WED (1946), then pairing FIVE CAME BACK (1939) with its remake, BACK FROM ETERNITY (1956).

Kristina's got links to several more bloggers' May TCM recommendations at Speakeasy. Be sure to check it out! For additional information, please consult TCM's online schedule.

Update: For more classic films on TV in May, please visit Fox Movie Channel in May: Highlights.


Blogger Caftan Woman said...

Golly, thanks for the heads-up on "Coast Guard". Looking forward to much on TCM this month.

8:04 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Glad to know someone else was excited to see COAST GUARD in the lineup! :) :)

Best wishes,

11:11 AM  
Blogger Blake Lucas said...

You didn't mention THE BIG FISHERMAN on May 16. This was Frank Borzage's last film and is very rare and hard to see. I have never seen it and jumped when I saw the title.

But when I looked back later, I saw it was not letterboxed and needs to be--it's in 'Scope or Panavision, a wide screen process.

Even so, I will record and then see if the info given was incomplete because it has been before. Earlier this year, I recorded STRANGE LADY IN TOWN not shown in the guide as letterboxed but it turned out that it was after all, so I happily watched it, very pleased to see that movie again after so long.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks, Blake, I'm completely unfamiliar with that title and have just jotted it down on my "record" list for the month! I appreciate your recommendations immensely. :)

Best wishes,

5:12 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

A postscript, Blake, I'm even more curious about THE BIG FISHERMAN now that I know it stars Howard Keel. Thanks again for the tip!

Best wishes,

1:51 PM  

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