Thursday, May 11, 2006

Angels Forced By Lawsuit to Discontinue Mother's Day

I heard this story this morning on the drive to Dodger Stadium. Roger Hedgecock, subbing for Rush Limbaugh today, told listeners that a male psychologist has sued the Anaheim Angels because he was refused a tote bag given to women as part of a promotion for Mother's Day, 2005.

This obviously very ill psychologist has also charged children's "civil rights" were violated because the bags were given to guests over the age of 18.

The Angels are not observing Mother's Day this year. Instead, they are marking "Family Sunday." They refuse to say if the change is a direct result of the lawsuit, but two and two seem to make four to this baseball fan.

This seems to scarily tie in with the post below about a new bill which threatens to remove gender terms such as "Mom" and "Dad" from California textbooks.

It's just a scary, sad world out there, folks, with too many people selfishly bent on destroying traditional values and old-fashioned, innocent fun.

Next thing you know, baseball teams won't be allowed to target giveaway promotions to children because they'll be violating the "civil rights" of so-called adults.


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