Thursday, May 11, 2006

CA Senate: Delete "Mom," "Dad" From Textbooks, Teach Gay History

This is amazing. The California Senate has passed a pending bill, previously discussed here, which requires students to learn about the "contributions" of homosexuals in history. The idea that students need to know about the sex lives of historic figures just boggles the mind.

A stunning new piece of information is that the bill will require the deletion of any gender-specific terms such as "Mom" or "Dad." (Insert blood-curdling scream of amazement coming from Orange County, California...)

The bill now goes to the Democrat-controlled State Assembly. World Net Daily reports it's thought it will likely pass there as well.

Then the question would become: What will Arnold do? I think he must be smart enough to know he won't be re-elected if he signs this bill into law.

As mentioned here before, this isn't just a California issue. California is one of the country's largest textbook purchasers. If the textbook publishers create new textbooks based on California law, those textbooks may be coming to your state, too.


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