Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Shrinking MSM

The New York Times will be reducing both its page size and its staff in the face of poor earnings. The paper will slash a full half a foot off a double-page spread.

I'm amused by Bill Keller's statement "I'm convinced that, with good editors and a little time, I could take 5 percent out of any day's paper and actually make it better." Well, Bill, then why haven't you already done that? :) That statement seems rather like a captain smiling and asserting everything's fine as the ship takes on water and starts to sink.

There is interesting background and analysis on the NYT from Thomas Lifson at The American Thinker. Lifson notes that Bill Keller says this decision is "less painful than cutting staff," ignoring those who will be laid off from the print factory. (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.)

Meanwhile, yesterday L.A. Observed reported that the Los Angeles Times is dramatically reducing its hockey coverage and will no longer have beat writers follow the Kings and Ducks on the road.

I'm not a hockey fan, but the Sports section is the main reason left to purchase the L.A. Times, so cutting the increasingly slender Sports section even further strikes me as a questionable business decision.


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