Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's the Contempt

John Hinderaker of Power Line, commenting on today's L.A. Times column by Jonah Goldberg, asks "Why Not McCain?"

Hinderaker writes: "Most conservatives share my indulgence toward Giuliani and Romney, but, for some reason, hold McCain to an entirely different standard."

I can tell you that one of the chief reasons McCain doesn't receive the same "pass" is the level of contempt he regularly expresses towards those with whom he disagrees.

Giuliani calmly communicates "Reasonable people can disagree" about certain issues, but McCain thumbs his nose at conservatives.

McCain has also proven himself untrustworthy, time and time again, whether it's the Gang of 14, robbing our nation of free speech, siding with Ted Kennedy on immigration amnesty ("call it a banana if you want to"), or attempting backdoor machinations to change California's primary system.

For a bit more, see my post of last November.

There are no "perfect" Republican candidates. But I'd at least like to choose one who is trustworthy and treats all members of his party with respect.

In my view, Senator McCain has more than earned the skepticism with which he's viewed by conservatives.


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