Friday, August 03, 2007

Movie Makeup Legend William Tuttle Dies at 95

William J. Tuttle, who worked as a makeup artist at MGM for 35 years, has died at 95.

Tuttle headed the MGM makeup department for over 20 of the 35 years he spent at the studio. He was the first makeup artist to receive an Oscar; he received an honorary Academy Award in 1965.

Tuttle donated his extensive collection of plaster masks of actors' faces to USC, where he had studied art in the 1920s; Tuttle also served as a professor in the USC School of Cinematic Arts from 1970 to 1995. USC posted an obituary on their website today, which includes a photo of Tuttle with some of the mask collection.

Tuttle's first wife was MGM actress Donna Reed; they were married for two years in the 1940s. His brother Thomas was also a movie makeup artist.

William Tuttle is survived by his wife of four decades, as well as a daughter.


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