Tuesday, September 18, 2007

CA Global Warming Lawsuit Tossed

A year ago I posted that California's Attorney General had sued six automakers for causing global warming.

The State wanted to recoup costs from the auto companies for things like repairing flood damage, supposedly caused by global warming.

Yesterday a judge tossed the case out, ruling that it was an impossibility to know what global warming damage, if any, was caused to California by the car manufacturers.

I am repeatedly struck by how much free time state and local officials must have on their hands if they are willing to fritter away their days on frivolous lawsuits or earth-shaking issues such as how many fast food restaurants are located in a given area.

Taxpayers could certainly save a lot of money if we sent these folks home and didn't pay the salaries for the jobs they aren't doing.


Blogger Dana said...

What's scary is this same atty general is considering a run for governor and what do you think he considers our state's biggest problem? One guess!


7:29 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Oh, my...aren't there term limits or anything? I think he did enough damage with his previous stint in the governor's office.

I have such a sense of deja vu this week...OJ in jail, Hillary selling a healthcare plan, and now Moonbeam Brown wants to be the governor of CA once more. Ack!!!!

Thanks for the link!!

7:41 PM  

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