Saturday, June 07, 2008

Deadbeat to Represent Long Beach in Congress?

A few days ago I wrote about Representative Laura Richardson of nearby Long Beach, California, who let three houses go into foreclosure while her spending priority was her political campaigns.

Richardson also refused to pay a local printing company's bill for months, until the disclosure of the unpaid bill forced her to finally pay it off.

Richardson just won the Democratic primary to represent Long Beach in the November election, and she is running unopposed.

We now learn that Richardson's financial history is even worse than what's been reported so far. She left an auto shop bill unpaid for 2-1/2 years until a newspaper embarrassed her into paying the bill.

She dumped her car at another body shop, which had to file a mechanic's lien and sell the car to recoup towing and storage costs.

It also transpires that while on the Long Beach City Council, Richardson was very clearly driving a city vehicle for her personal use, which is against the law. Is the City going to do anything about it, or look the other way?

What especially bothers me is that Richardson isn't going to be making financial decisions in Congress solely for residents of the City of Long Beach. Her vote will go for legislation which will be paid for out of every citizen's pocket.

How can someone with such a reprehensible financial track record be allowed to serve in Congress and spend other people's money?

Update: In what seems to be an unusual move, Washington Mutual has rescinded the foreclosure sale of one of Richardson's homes. The buyer threatens to sue.

A blogger has questions for Washington Mutual regarding their possibly preferential treatment of Richardson.


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