Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tonight's Movie: Michael Clayton (2007)

Our latest Netflix movie was MICHAEL CLAYTON, which came highly recommended by my dad, who described it well as a modern film noir. It's a legal thriller we thoroughly enjoyed.

George Clooney plays the title role; Michael Clayton is a law firm's "fixer," who walks shadowy streets and drives through gloomy mist as he cleans up the messes made by clients and his firm's attorneys alike. While Michael excels at what he does, he is increasingly unhappy in his career, and his personal life is also spiraling out of control. Clooney gives a powerful performance, particularly in his wordless final scene; he was deservedly nominated for the Oscar for Best Actor.

Tilda Swinton (THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE) won the Oscar as Best Supporting Actress for her fascinating portrayal of an insecure control freak attorney who, at the climactic moment, doesn't know what to do when she's been knocked off her scripted approach to her career. The late actor-director Sydney Pollack plays the managing partner of Michael's firm. Tom Wilkinson (nominated for Best Supporting Actor), Ken Howard, Michael O'Keefe, Sean Cullen, and David Lansbury (Angela's nephew) are also in the cast.

The movie runs 119 minutes and was directed by Tony Gilroy, who was nominated for the Oscar. Other Academy Award nominations were for Best Picture, Screenplay, and Music.

Parental Advisory: MICHAEL CLAYTON is rated R for relatively brief profanity (nothing like CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR, which was littered with foul language), one (completely unnecessary) sexually explicit conversation, and one scene with disturbing violence.

MICHAEL CLAYTON can be seen on DVD. Extras include a commentary track and deleted scenes.


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We enjoyed this movie too. Tom Wikinson was brilliant.

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