Thursday, October 09, 2008

Raining On My Circus Animal Cookie Parade

When I was a little girl, my grandmother always had a cookie jar with Van De Kamp's Molasses Cookies -- they were my grandfather's favorite cookie -- and a tin with pink and white Mother's Circus Animal Cookies.

Van De Kamp's has long since left the cookie business, but Mother's has been a staple throughout my life, and for generations prior to that. My children especially enjoy the different holiday variations of the Circus Animal Cookies.

It was thus certainly a shock to learn today that, after 92 years, Mother's abruptly shut its doors and filed for bankruptcy.

I'll be heading over to the store in the morning to see if I can snag a last few packages of Circus Animal, Cookie Parade, and Double Fudge cookies for our pantry and freezer.

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Blogger Irene said...

Noooooo! I shouldn't be eating those animal cookies anyway, but still :(

7:19 AM  

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