Sunday, January 11, 2009

Britain Banning TVs Due to Climate Change?

Great Britain is apparently about to ban some plasma televisions in order to combat "global warming."

According to the Independent, "Power consumption goes up as the screens increase in size, so the trust says that a big plasma model could use four times as much electricity and be responsible for the emission of four times as much carbon dioxide as the biggest CRT; they now account for twice as much as a fridge-freezer."

The New Zealand Herald is reassuring its readers that a similar ban will not be enacted there.

Remarkably, New Zealand's energy minister says, "Our view is the information about appliances should be given to consumers and consumers should then make their choice. Consumers should be given as much information as they possibly can about the energy efficiency of appliances ... but at the final point of purchase it's the consumer's decision."

Freedom of choice, what a sadly novel concept...

Unfortunately such freedom appears to be an outdated idea in California, which may be poised to follow Britain's lead and ban those televisions the state doesn't believe its consumers should be allowed to own.

And so the nanny state grows...


Blogger Dana said...

"... but at the final point of purchase it's the consumer's decision."

Sadly the majority (in Cali) really believe that this sort of radical thinking must be shut down. And fast.

And if Britain isn't rolling over to the Muslims, then it's the PC police. Weren't they 'Great' once long ago?

7:47 PM  

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