Saturday, January 10, 2009

"On the Trail of Ramona in California"

The Los Angeles Times Travel section has an interesting, quite lengthy article on the history and locations behind Helen Hunt Jackson's classic novel RAMONA.

The author also covers the history of the famed Ramona Bowl in Hemet, California. The 86th presentation of the Ramona Pageant will be this April.

The Times also links to clips from the 1936 Don Ameche-Loretta Young movie which are posted at YouTube.

I remember reading the novel in college as part of a California History class. I'd love to see the movie, especially as I'm a fan of Loretta Young; however, it must be said that Don Ameche looks rather silly in this one.

The movie cast includes Kent Taylor, Pauline Frederick, Jane Darwell, J. Carroll Naish, and John Carradine.

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