Saturday, February 13, 2010

In Disney News...

...Walt Disney World is going to have its own version of "Nightastic!" this summer. The WDW Nightastic! will include importing the Main Street Electrical Parade from Disney's California Adventure. Click the title of this post for details.

The parade was newly refurbished for last summer's run at California Adventure. Perhaps they don't have room for it right now anyway, due to all the construction? (Update: More background on the decision is at Jim Hill Media. Thanks, Irene!)

...Check out fun videos celebrating days at Disney World's Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

The videos were created from a series of photos taken over the course of the day.

...Disney's new Tim Burton version of ALICE IN WONDERLAND will have a shorter-than-usual theatrical run of only 12 or 13 weeks, in order to rush the film to DVD.

UK Cinemas aren't happy and threaten a boycott.

...The first Ruby's "drive-in" will be opening near Disneyland in March or April.

I used to love their fries until they changed to a "trans fat free" recipe a few years ago. They're no longer worth wasting the calories.

...The Disneyland Postcard Reference Guide is a nifty website. For a quick look at some of the contents, scroll through this MiceChat page.

This site calls to mind the best Disneyland book ever, THE NICKEL TOUR by Bruce Gordon and David Mumford, which tells the history of Disneyland via the park's postcards. Check out the five-star Amazon reviews for this superb book.

...Disneyland is experimenting with some low-key Valentine's Day decorations on Main Street and in Toon Town.

We may be at the park on Monday. I hope they leave them up for the duration of the holiday weekend...


Blogger Irene said...

I read over on Jim Hill the reason for moving the Electrical Parade back to WDW for a year or two is because of the World of Color show. Trying to manage the crowds for that plus having crowds watch the parade was a bit much apparently.

Interesting about the shorter release of Alice in theaters. Wonder if this is going to start a new trend.

I've seen the Valentines decorations at Disneyland - VERY low key is right. I hear it's going to be really crowded on Monday but I'm sure you'll still have fun.

5:53 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

That makes sense re the parade, Irene. Thanks for sharing that info!

We figure we'll head out there good and early and then come home early afternoon, hoping we miss the worst of the crowds. Others might have the same idea, though, since the next day is a school day...

Seems like I read somewhere Disneyland envisions Valentine's Day as "the next big thing" to build on holiday celebrations after their success with Halloween Time. Doesn't look like they did much about it this year, though...I wonder if that rumor was true. I guess we'll know next year!

Best wishes,

5:57 PM  

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