Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today at Disney's California Adventure: Electrical Parade

Having spent the last couple days working nonstop on proofreading a trial transcript, it was wonderful to take a few hours off and spend them at Disney's California Adventure.

The Sunshine Plaza fountain peeks from behind some flowers:

More flowers near Sunshine Plaza:

Sunshine Plaza will eventually be completely redesigned as part of the ongoing renovations at California Adventure.

Speaking of ongoing renovations, the signs have gone up signaling the start of work on the Little Mermaid ride which opens in 2011:

It was a glorious afternoon on Paradise Pier -- hot but not too hot, with a nice breeze every now and then. The kids got me to go on the Sun Wheel -- oops, forgot its new name, the Fun Wheel!

Of course, once I was on the swinging car I remembered why I hadn't been on it in roughly five years! It's scarier than it looks (grin).

I like the new paint scheme:

The ride did provide a great view of the work continuing in the pier preparing for the World of Color show:

Towards the back of the photo -- click to enlarge -- you can make out the work area for the Little Mermaid ride. The Golden Dreams movie is disappearing -- wonderful news for those of us who didn't care for its politically correct, negative rendition of history.

The fountains by King Triton's Carousel looked especially refreshing in the afternoon heat:

Mr. Potato Head pulls off his ear for us as we wait in line for Toy Story Mania! It's the little touches that add fun to the day (grin).

They even got me to go on California Screamin' was only my second time on it and I liked it better this time.

We enjoyed an air-conditioned break watching the giant musical slide show in the Animation Building:

I love the decorative touches like this which appear around every corner...

Sunshine Plaza in the afternoon sun:

The park was nice and uncrowded today, which added to the fun.

We ate for the first time at Cocina Cucamonga. The food was pretty good.

The grand finale to our day was the newly refurbished Electrical Parade, which I hadn't seen in a couple of years.

The music always gives me takes me back to summer evenings during the years I worked at Disneyland.

Alice (above) and Cinderella (below).

The clock striking midnight for Cinderella:

A happy day was enjoyed by all!


Blogger Ed South said...

I like the new paint job on the Ferris Wheel, but you still couldn't get me on that evil contraption again!

Totally excited about a Little Mermaid ride...if one doesn't pan out over here on the east I'll consider making a trip just to check it out over there!

7:32 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

My kids lovingly referred to the Fun Wheel car as a "swinging metal death trap."

From what I hear the Mermaid ride should be pretty amazing. :)

Best wishes,

8:54 AM  
Blogger Irene said...

The reason it was probably not all that crowded is that people like me are now blocked out LOL.

I went over on Thursday night to see the Electrical Parade and liked the new touches they added. I've never ridden the sun/fun wheel. If I did, it would probably be in one of the non moving cars (or did they take those off?)

Great shots of everything :)

10:51 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

They do still have the non-moving Fun Wheel cars... I might try to do that another time as the view is nice!

I liked the parade changes as well although I missed the Blue Fairy.

We may try to see the 4th of July fireworks on the 2nd, before we're blocked out for the long weekend...

Glad you liked the photos!

Best wishes,

11:49 AM  

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