Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A Classic DVD Wish List

DVD Times recently published a wonderful "wish list," "Ten Warner Bros. Box Sets That Should Have Been."

The list was compiled by "clydefro," who also blogs at clydefro.com. Click the title of this post to access the article.

He's got some wonderful ideas; for instance, a Forbidden Hollywood Volume 4 set focusing on Warren William's pre-Code titles including EMPLOYEES' ENTRANCE (1933). I'd suggest adding DOCTOR MONICA (1934), which was released at the close of the pre-Code era. A commentary with information about the cuts made to DOCTOR MONICA as a result of the Production Code, editing it from 65 to 53 minutes, would be very interesting.

The other suggestions include a Nicholas Ray set with titles including BORN TO BE BAD (1950) and PARTY GIRL (1958); a Ginger Rogers Signature Collection; a Fritz Lang collection; and a Film Noir Classic Collection, Volume 5.

The Film Noir Vol. 5 set has been long promised; a year ago we were told it would be out "in a few months."

It's just a wish list, but it serves a valuable purpose in reminding everyone -- including the execs at Warner Home Video -- of the gold mine of titles which have never been released on pressed DVD.

If present trends continue, we may eventually be able to obtain some of these films in the unreliable DVD-R format, but how wonderful it would be if even some of the titles listed in the article eventually made it to pressed DVD collections.


Blogger Tom said...

Employee's Entrance is one of my all-time favorite movies!!!!!

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