Monday, October 25, 2010

Nature Cinematographer Paul Kenworthy Dies at 85

Paul Kenworthy, who filmed many memorable nature documentaries for Walt Disney, has passed away at 85.

Kenworthy's work included Disney's first nature film, THE LIVING DESERT (1953), which won an Oscar as Best Documentary.

THE LIVING DESERT was followed by another Oscar-winning documentary, THE VANISHING PRAIRIE (1954).

Kenworthy also codirected PERRI (1957), a Disney "True Life Fantasy" about a squirrel. (My grandmother owned a children's book with photos from this film, which is a very early childhood memory.)

Kenworthy received a technical Oscar for the Snorkel Camera System, coinvented with William Latady.

Kenworthy was named a Disney Legend in 1998.


Blogger Tom said...

I never heard of Perri. Sounds interesting. Didn't know Disney did these nature docs.

6:14 AM  

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