Sunday, September 18, 2011

Notable Passings

...I was very much saddened to learn via Matthew's beautiful tribute at Movietone News that Gerald, aka Gordon Pasha of Laszlo's on Lex, passed away last month.

Regular readers may remember Gerald's name as he left some wonderful comments here from time to time, and I also very much enjoyed his occasional email. I watched THE GALLANT HOURS (1960) last Memorial Day weekend thanks in part to Gerald's strong recommendation of it via email.

Gerald was a lovely gentleman with a lifetime of interesting memories on movies and much more, and I regret, especially after reading Matthew's post, not having the chance to know him better. He will be missed.

Here's an enjoyable example of Gerald's blogging. I've had the same Andrew Sarris book on my shelves since I was a young teenager learning about classic movies.

Visit Laszlo's on Lex for the blog's farewell post.

Update: Be sure to read another wonderful tribute at Motion Picture Gems.

Update: And here's another remembrance of Gerald, from Hollywood Dreamland.

Update: Here's a very touching tribute from Java's Journey.

Update: KC at Classic Movies also has some lovely thoughts to share on Gerald.

KC made me aware that Tom compiled a list of some of Gerald's most memorable posts at Motion Picture Gems. Gerald is much missed in the classic film blogging community!

...Character actress Frances Bay has passed on at the age of 92. She most recently appeared on the TV series THE MIDDLE.

Decades ago I saw Bay on stage as the dotty old relative opposite James Whitmore as THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER.


Blogger Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Very sad to hear the news of Gerald's (aka Gordon Pasha)passing. He was a wonderful writer and perceptive commenter. I will miss him.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

I spent some time at Laszlo's this weeking going over some of his older posts, many for the first time as I had missed them when they were originally published (and still have more to go).


8:08 PM  
Blogger KC said...

Thank you for sharing the news about Gerald. I'd wondered a couple of times why I wasn't hearing from him anymore. I treasured every word he wrote, from blog posts and comments to his friendly emails. I was so fond of him. I'm sorry to hear he is gone.

My favorite story of his was the one he told about singing Cole Porter songs on the streets of New York with his buddies when he was a kid. I wish I could have heard more of his stories!

9:48 PM  
Blogger JavaBeanRush said...

Thank you for sharing the links to the tributes.

Like KC, I wondered about Gerald's long absence from the blogosphere, but didn't think anything was amiss.

Gerald left thoughtful and informative comments on my blog. I always enjoyed his blog's "Ten Things on the Tenth" round up.

5:08 PM  

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