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In Disney News...

Time for a Disney news roundup!

...I just learned today that my favorite animated Disney film, SLEEPING BEAUTY (1959), is being shown Thursday evening as part of the El Capitan Theatre's "Throwback Thursday" series of "one night only" screenings. I saw MARY POPPINS (1964) as part of this series in November, and while the El Capitan is always a great place to see a Disney film, the screening was extra-special, with an appreciative audience, prize giveaways, and popcorn and soda covered in the discounted ticket price. I'll be there Thursday! (Update: Here's my post on a wonderful screening!)

...MARY POPPINS was such a hit a few weeks ago that the El Capitan is bringing back a "sing-a-long" version January 10th through 20th. It's been announced that Richard Sherman will attend the opening night this Friday.

...LADY AND THE TRAMP (1955), which I saw at the El Capitan in February 2012, returns to the theater from February 7th through 20th.

...Disney announced today that Adam Sanderson is the new head of D23 and the Disney Archives.

...Speaking of D23, I'm wondering if there will be a Destination D event this summer. Over the last few years Destination D has taken place alternate summers with the D23 Expo. The last Destination D, which took place in August 2012, was announced in November 2011, with tickets going on sale in April 2012. Perhaps D23 has been waiting for the appointment of its new head to make any announcements?

...I received a beautiful new book for Christmas, THE ART OF FROZEN by Charles Solomon. Looking at the book, I realized that one reason among many that I liked FROZEN (2013) so much is that the art design somewhat calls to mind the work of Eyvind Earle on SLEEPING BEAUTY (1959).

...Speaking of Eyvind Earle, there's a book of his Christmas card designs which looks phenomenal. But it sells for $250! Gulp.

...Here's Leonard Maltin's review of SAVING MR. BANKS (2013). I wrote about seeing Mr. Maltin interview Emma Thompson prior to a preview screening in my November review. Leonard also recently wrote about the great MARY POPPINS edition of Disney Twenty-three magazine.

...An article in the L.A. Times asks whether SAVING MR. BANKS was too hard on writer P.L. Travers. MARY POPPINS composer Richard Sherman, in response, says SAVING MR. BANKS "feels so real to me, it knots my stomach."

...The Disney Parks Blog ran a story about transforming Disneyland into the 1961 version of the park for SAVING MR. BANKS (2013). I liked the things they did but as I noted in my review, there are still things visible in the film that weren't at Disneyland in 1961, and that took me "out of the story" a bit. The most amusing thing, which my daughter noticed in the background, was the Sherman Bros. tribute window on Main Street!

...Another new book, recently published by Bear Manor Media: FROZEN IN ICE: THE STORY OF WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS, 1966-1985 by Mark Arnold. Although it utilizes the word "frozen" to get attention, it's not related to the new cartoon, but instead is a history of the studio from the time of Walt's death to the start of Disney's "Second Golden Age of Animation," as chronicled in WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY (2009).

...Here's the latest Disneyland Resort news and rumors from MiceChat.

...And here's Dateline Disneyland photos from the end of the holiday season as well as additional news about refurbishments. I've always liked the winding track outside the Alice in Wonderland ride and am sorry to hear it's going to be changed so dramatically. Older Dateline Disneyland photos taken when the Christmas season was in full swing can be found here, including very nice shots of the return of the Main Street Flower Market.

...The Fantasyland Skyway Station at Disneyland may be disappearing soon. Sad to lose that lovely piece of park history.

...There's an interesting rumor of a FROZEN ride coming to the Norway section of Epcot, replacing the Maelstrom boat ride.

...Here are FROZEN reviews from Brandie Ashe at The Moviola ("an icy beauty of a film") and Michael Nazarewycz at ScribeHard on Film ("magnificent").

...And here's Brandie's history of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, published at ClassicFlix.

...Jandy recently noted at The Frame that Disney's animated ROBIN HOOD (1973) is currently available for streaming at Netflix.

...The justly lauded "Let It Go" sequence from FROZEN, sung by Idina Menzel, is currently available on YouTube from Disney Animation.

...Did you know Rapunzel of TANGLED (2010) has a cameo in FROZEN? Mickey Mouse is also hiding in the film.

...An alternate ending to FROZEN created by a fan is getting some buzz...I have to say the use of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" is pretty good.

...A final FROZEN link: "Trapped in Ice: Inside the 70-year Journey FROZEN Took to Get to the Big Screen."

...Max Steiner's score for Disney's THOSE CALLOWAYS (1965) is available on CD from Screen Archives Entertainment.

...Here's John McElwee of Greenbriar Picture Shows on Disney's True-Life Adventure films.

...Notable Passing: Disney Legend Cicely Rigdon, who developed Disneyland's Ambassador program, has passed away. She worked for Disneyland for 37 years and was honored with a Main Street U.S.A. tribute window upon her retirement in 1994.

...Leonard Maltin paid tribute to MARY POPPINS choreographer Marc Breaux, whose passing I noted in November.

For more recent Disney links, please visit the roundups for October and November.


Blogger Fun Ideas said...

Hi Laura,
I appreciate the mention of my "Frozen in Ice" book in your blog. I can assure you that I had no idea that "Frozen" was being made when I came up with the title. I thought their movie was going to be called "The Snow Queen". My book was originally going to be called "What Would Walt Do?" until I discovered that someone else put out a book with that title. I wrapped up the writing on "Frozen in Ice" about eight months before "Frozen" hit theatres. By the time my book was released, "Frozen" was out and the coincidence appeared to be on purpose. It is now a happy coincidence as it has enhanced sales, unknowingly.

3:56 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

It was my pleasure to mention it, and thanks for stopping by and taking a time to leave a comment, Mark! That background is very interesting.

Your book is on my Disney book wish list and I hope to read it in the coming months!

Best wishes,

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