Monday, May 26, 2014

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the Internet...

...John Wayne was born 107 years ago today. There's a new DVD set out, John Wayne: The Epic Collection, containing 40 of his films. Yesterday I reviewed Wayne's THE SEA CHASE (1955); look for a review of his great war film THEY WERE EXPENDABLE (1945) coming tonight.

...I recently came across a nice website on Irene Dunne which includes photos and reprints of old fan magazine articles. A 1938 Photoplay story on Dunne's adopted daughter made for fascinating reading, not least just to enjoy the article's fawning writing style. (I especially loved the mention of the pediatrician "wise about the hygienic care of children.")

...Coming to DVD from Shout! Factory and Timeless Media this September: Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre, Season 2.

...There's a brand-new book on Ann Rutherford: THE CHARMS OF MISS O'HARA, by Phillip Done. It's subtitled TALES OF GONE WITH THE WIND AND THE GOLDEN AGE OF HOLLYWOOD FROM SCARLETT'S LITTLE SISTER and is based on extensive interviews with Rutherford.

...Where Danger Lives has a fantastic post with 50 striking Republic film noir and crime posters.

...The life of a Hollywood production assistant (P.A.), from the Los Angeles Times.

...Royalty Watch: A new photograph of three-month-old Princess Leonore of Sweden and her parents.

...Here is Greg Ferrara of TCM's Movie Morlocks site on Margaret Lockwood and Dane Clark in HIGHLY DANGEROUS (1950), which I reviewed last September.

...A permanent Huell Howser exhibit has opened at Chapman University in Orange, California.

...Silver Screenings takes a fun look at an Edmond O'Brien-Wanda Hendrix film I also enjoyed, The Admiral Was a Lady (1950). It was part of a blogathon on films of the '50s -- many more links can be found here.

...Here's A Pinch of Pixie Dust on the books of beloved romance author Betty Neels. Truly "comfort reading" at its best.

...I frequently link to Another Old Movie Blog, and this insightful analysis of Ann Blyth in OUR VERY OWN (1950) is a great example of why I enjoy Jacqueline's thoughtful and amusing writing so much.

...The Warner Archive has released four Alan Ladd films, currently exclusive to Critics Choice and Deep Discount: DRUM BEAT (1954), THE BIG LAND (1957), THE DEEP SIX (1958), and GUNS OF THE TIMBERLAND (1960).

...New releases from Fox Cinema Archives: MARYLAND (1940) with John Payne, WOMAN'S WORLD (1954) with an all-star cast, and THE BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE (1956) with Van Johnson, Joseph Cotten, and Ruth Roman.

...The original STAR WARS (1977) was first released May 25, 1977. Deja Reviewer calls its great sequel, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (1980), a "perfectly symmetrical film." (Via Speakeasy.)

Have a great week!


Blogger Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Thank you so much for the link and the kind words, Laura.

I was also very impressed by the gallery of posters at WHERE DANGER LIVES. I learn so much every time I visit that blog.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Silver Screenings said...

Thanks very much for the mention! I'm also keen to have a closer look at "The Charms of Miss O'Hara". Looks intriguing.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

You're both very welcome, thanks for writing such very enjoyable posts!

I agree, Jacqueline, WHERE DANGER LIVES is a terrific blog. I'd love to see so many of the films represented by the posters in that latest post!

Hoping to learn more about THE CHARMS OF MISS O'HARA, I love Ann Rutherford.

Best wishes,

10:21 PM  
Blogger john k said...

Hi Laura,

Many thanks for the link to Where Danger Lives-where's that
been all my life! A blog where the likes of Allied Artists
pictures and Mark Stevens seem to rule is right in my comfort zone!
All those Republic Bs have put my wants list into free-
fall!As I have mentioned a thousand times before it's such
a shame all that Republic stuff is on the missing list.
There is a German outfit called Filmjuwelen that has the
rights to loads of Republic titles but sadly a lot of their
releases have German only soundtracks.
Today I'm as sick as a parrot (do you have that expression
across the pond?) as the artwork for OH! SUSANNAH has just
turned up on Amazon de. (German title Apache Battle Of The
Black Mountains)Sadly this Filmjuwelen release has a German
only soundtrack and to add insult to injury it's the only
Rod Cameron,Forrest Tucker,Joseph Kane Republic A Western
to be released anywhere on DVD.
For me having all this Republic product on the missing
list is like being denied hearing the Sun records of Elvis,Johnny Cash and friends.
Now I am faced with the task of trying to track down some
of those Noirs especially the ones starring Penny Edwards,
who I really like,and Warren Douglas who I know more as a
great screenwriter than a B Noir actor.

Many,many thanks Laura for the great link.

6:47 AM  
Blogger DorianTB said...

Laura, I agree with your praise of THE ADMIREL WAS A LADY, having enjoyed it at Ruth of Silver Screenings! :-D

4:07 PM  

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