Thursday, August 14, 2014

New on DVD: TCM Documentaries

TCM is releasing two new documentary DVDs in its TCM Originals line, which previously brought CONVERSATIONS WITH ROBERT OSBORNE to DVD.

Next Monday, August 18th, is the release date for A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES, which will include four TCM documentaries: THE SUSPENSEFUL WORLD OF THRILLERS (2009), THE GIGANTIC WORLD OF EPICS (2009), MERRY CHRISTMAS! (2011), and THE HORRORS OF STEPHEN KING (2011).

TCM has shown more documentaries in this series, HOLLYWOOD GOES TO WASHINGTON (2012) and COPS & ROBBERS AND CRIME WRITERS (2013), plus there's this fall's new documentary on fantasies, so it seems quite possible there will be a second volume of NIGHT AT THE MOVIES documentaries at some point.

On September 1st TCM releases the highly regarded documentary DON'T SAY NO UNTIL I FINISH TALKING: THE STORY OF RICHARD D. ZANUCK (2013).

Bonus features on the Zanuck disc include an introduction by Laurent Bouzereau and Lili Zanuck, additional interview clips not shown in the documentary, and extensive photo galleries.


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