Friday, August 15, 2014

Today at Disneyland: Friday Evening in the Park

We've been visiting Disneyland and Disney California Adventure very regularly in recent weeks, wanting to enjoy every drop of summer before the Halloween Time decor makes its appearance.

It was absolutely beautiful at Disneyland tonight, and as uncrowded as it's been in years. The Buzz Lightyear and Casey Jr. rides were as close to walk-ons as they'll ever get. That should change next week when the "So Cal" passes are unblocked again, but it was nice while it lasted!

As on my recent visits to Disney California Adventure, tonight's Disneyland photos were taken on the iPad I received for my birthday earlier this summer. Click on any photo to enlarge for a closer look.

After dinner at the Plaza Inn the first order of business was to check out the extensive changes to one of my favorite rides, Alice in Wonderland.

The significant changes, which incorporate many computerized screens, have been generally well received, but my own feelings were mixed. I thought the computer images worked extremely well in some spots, such as the smoke rings rising above the caterpillar.

On the other hand, I thought the use of the screens threatened to overwhelm the ride. When I'm on a classic Disney dark ride, I want to see actual things, not ride past a bunch of movie screens.

There were also points, including at the start of the ride, where Alice didn't sound like Kathryn Beaumont, which I found confusing.

Those interested can check out an Alice in Wonderland ride-through video on YouTube.

Casey Jr., inspired by the movie DUMBO (1941), is one of my favorite rides, as it provides a great view of the Storybook Land Canal area:

Cinderella's Castle seen from Casey Jr.:

FROZEN treats in the Candy Palace on Main Street USA:

We had a glimpse of the new FROZEN float preceding the regular parade; I hope to see it at greater length on a future visit.

This new Haunted Mansion exhibit opens at the Disney Gallery tomorrow, August 16th:

The sun begins to fall on another day at the Magic Kingdom:

For many more photographs taken this week at Disneyland, I recommend a visit to MiceChat.

Have a great weekend!


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