Monday, November 21, 2005

FReeper Buckhead Explains It All

Buckhead, the FReeper who started the unraveling of the fake Rathergate documents, created the above website to rebut the lies former CBS producer Mary Mapes has put forth in her new book. (I am intentionally not linking to the book as she deserves as little publicity as possible.)

Of particular interest is Buckhead's page on his own professional experiences with font size and a link to the original Free Republic research thread. I remember reading that thread as it happened in real time. FReeper Howlin started it with a post that said "Document Ping. Do your thing!" and research and information began pouring in from all over the country.

It was an amazing thing to see this information picked up by bloggers (Power Line and Hugh Hewitt among them), who then located experts on typewriters and the like, producing a multi-blog collaborative research project that in short order exploded into the "mainstream" news.

Mapes, of course, deliberately insists on ignoring how the "new media" works and continues to describe her takedown as a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.

(Hat tip: Power Line.)


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