Thursday, March 08, 2007

Could Meat Be Banned?

Given New York City's ban on trans fats and the push to ban them elsewhere, this question isn't as silly as you might think.

From The New York Times:

" would be impossible to rid the nation’s diet of the natural trans fat in meats and dairy products.

"As processed food manufacturers and fast-food restaurants struggle to find new kinds of trans fat-free oils, and some bakers struggle over what to do about butter, the natural trans fat in meat has gone largely unnoticed... But nervous meat purveyors are starting to ask about it, especially as more and more city health officials push through trans fat bans, said Lynn Morrissette, senior director of regulatory affairs for the American Meat Institute.

"'I have to believe that even if it hasn’t happened yet, it’s coming,' she said."

Your Nanny State at work.


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