Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fred Thompson: Priceless

I have great respect for President Bush, despite our disagreements on certain issues, but one of the things that has disappointed me about his Presidency is that he has not always been a timely and effective spokesman for conservatism and the Republican Party.

This reticence, at times, to engage in a public battle of ideas is in part due to his admirable desire to turn the other cheek and set a "new tone," but there have been a number of times when I wish he had promptly issued a response to someone or something circulating in the media. One of the President's best moves has been to hire Tony Snow as his Press Secretary, as Tony combines congeniality with being an articulate and forceful spokesman for conservatives.

All of which leads into me saying that something I am really enjoying about Fred Thompson's unorthodox run-up to a Presidential bid is his willingness to "mix it up" and share his ideas, whether it be via blog posts, radio commentaries, or Internet videos. He's not only articulate, he's got a great sense of humor, as this response to Michael Moore's letter demonstrates.

Thompson continues to poll strongly, despite not being an official Presidential candidate. In the Real Clear Politics average of seven polls, Thompson is running in third place, after Giuliani and McCain. I believe that if Thompson announces, ultimately the choice for Republicans would come down to Giuliani and Thompson, the only candidates I feel have a solid chance to beat a Clinton-Obama ticket.

Fred, there is an increasingly interested public who would like to hear a whole lot more from you in the months to come!

Update: Ed Morrissey points out that with 38 seconds of video, "a down-home rhetorical spanking that manages to both address Moore and belittle him," Thompson has overshadowed tonight's debate, and asks, "Which do you think will have a more positive and lasting impact on Republican voters -- these 38 seconds or anything said in tonight's 90-minute debate?"


Blogger J.C. Loophole said...

Fred for '08!
Fred for '08!
Man, how much we need a real straight shooter who doesn't pull any punches and gets out there and responds with wit, brevity and strength. He is clear and purposeful. I like his thoughts and stances on so many issues. In my mind, the only question is who he'll pick as a running mate.

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