Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Perfect Ending

The slow fade-out from the final cozy shot of Lorelai, Luke, and Rory in the diner, just as we've seen them in the opening credits all these years, was a perfect ending to a great TV series.

That said, I do agree with Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) that another 13 episodes would have been the best way to go out: "I thought [the 13-episode season] was excellent because we could really wrap up the stories nice and neat and kind of give the audience a chance to say goodbye."

After the big "oops" plot turn which took up a big chunk of the season, I particularly wanted a little more time for some closure regarding Luke and Lorelai's future.

GILMORE GIRLS ranks up there in my top 10 or 12 favorite shows of all time. Stars Hollow was a wonderful place to visit. I'll sure miss it.


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